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English Langauge & Literature

English Langauge & Literature


The teaching and learning of English Language and Literature at SACSS aims to provide more than a holistic approach. The goal is for students to see the relevance of the use of the language in their daily lives and be effective communicators and critical thinkers. Language learning is skills-based. In order to bring out the best in students and to equip them with 21st century skills in an increasingly globalised world, language learning at SACSS goes beyond teaching students the core skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking. In nurturing the SACSS graduate, critical thinking skills are taught alongside effective oral communication through a seamless curriculum. This forms the foundation of an excellent English Language Programme.


The English Department is also aware that language cannot be learnt in a vacuum and students must be exposed to real opportunities to effectively apply what they have learnt.

Several programmes, have been put in place to ensure seamless learning of the English Language and Literature:

Reading Programme

The Reading Programme was introduced to provide an integrated school-wide approach to promote an active reading culture and community at SACSS. The school collaborates with National Library Board (NLB) to facilitate workshops, book review competitions, talks by local and international authors and mass lending of books. The school has also initiated an early bird reading programme which aims to encourage students who arrive early, before the morning assembly to read articles that are availed to them. Popular general interest magazines are also subscribed to provide students with authentic reading resources that are being used in the teaching of the English Language. Teachers and students are invited to contribute articles and every Tuesday a couple of staff members share insights into new articles during the morning assembly.

Language Arts Academy

The Language Arts Academy was designed to cater to students who have been identified as having exceptional interest or talent in English Language and Literature, Journalism or Media in order to deepen their appreciation for the English Language and Language Arts. The Language Arts Programme includes components such as Creative Writing, Literature, Film Appreciation and Journalism. Students are provided with opportunities to take part in competitions, and workshops by professionals in their field of expertise. In addition, students selected for the Language Arts Academy will need to produce several pieces of work at a standard worthy of public performance and publication. This includes submissions and participation in the East Zone Junior Broadcasters’ Competition and crafting of their personalised Writing Portfolio for Creative Writing.

These four strands have been chosen because they stretch the potential of students and provide opportunities for them to achieve personal excellence. Students in this programme have spear-headed the launch of the in-house newsletter, Corri Connections.

Readers Theatre

The lower secondary EL curriculum incorporates a Readers Theatre programme. Readers Theatre provides all our students with a platform to build up their self-confidence and to develop their communication skills. It gives students an authentic context to hone their pronunciation and articulation skills. In addition to these important life skills, Readers Theatre is also an excellent programme to prepare students for the Oral Communication component in upper secondary.

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