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Information & Communication Technology

Information & Communication Technology

Information & Communication Technology


  • To develop students’ competencies in self-directed and collaborative learning through the effective use of ICT as well as becoming discerning and responsible ICT users.
  • To build capacity of staff in effective use of IT tools for teaching and learning.
  • To provide IT support and resources that will facilitate effective teaching and learning with IT.
  • To harness IT for administrative support.


Our Team

Technical Assistance

Mohamed Nizam Bin Noor Mohamed (HOD ICT)
Seck Hon Meng (SH ICT)
Timothy Mark (ICT Executive)
Khairulddin Suppah (IT Trainer)
Ling Chen Hou Jason (Technical Assistant)

School Cockpit Data Management

Quek Tze Jen Eugene
Lin Zijing
Quek Joo Siah
Voon Ven Mei Keiran
Hamzah Mohamed

ICT Mentors

Mohammad Said Bin Rahim (Humanities)
Hamzah Mohamed (Science)

ICT Champions

Boo Tuang Hock Esther (Science)
Andrew Poh Keng Joo (Maths)
Quek Tze Jen Eugene (Maths/Science)
Lee Wei Hao Kevan (Maths/Science)
Natalie Bok Yan Peng (English)
Nur Taib (Life Arts)
Li Wei (Mother Tongue)
Harvinder Singh (English/Pfe)
Qinling Cheah Cheryl (Science)
Ee Yan Li Eileen (Humanities)
Chong Shu Fen Sandra (Humanities)

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