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Chinese Cultural Society

Chinese Cultural Society

Since 2012, our society has grown to a big team of 32 members!

Our members learn Chinese calligraphy, Chinese painting, paper cutting and Chinese knots and craft. We also paint wall murals to beautify the school, put up art and craft exhibition, teach old folks Chinese knots during our VIA, learn to play Chinese chess – weiqi, learn about Chinese culture and early migrants history in Singapore on Learning Journeys, and do physical exercise when we learn the taiji fan exercise!

The latest challenge to our members was to put up a performance at Chinese New Year Concert. The first few lessons were disastrous as members could not remember the steps. On the day of CNY concert, the members and teachers-in-charge performed well on stage! Everyone synchronised in dance steps and was in tune with the music. The cheer and applause from the audience affirmed our efforts and our belief that with hard work, we can overcome all obstacles. The success of this performance raised our morale and gave recognition to our contribution to the school.  This also taught us a valuable lesson – nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Teachers in charge
Mdm Xie Yan Jin
Mdm Gu Yuan Yuan
Mdm Harn Siow Ping

Various teachers from Ideal Education Centre

CCA Leaders
President : Lim Pei Qi, Karin
Vice-president : Eileen Koh Han Hong
Sec 4 coordinator : Ni Qiaoling
Sec3 coordinator: Ren Anqi
Lower Sec coordinator: Yang JingXuan

All members from Sec 2, 3 and 4 take part in these Annual Calligraphy competitions organised by National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University to increase their interest and confidence by learning from fellow participants.

Students are exposed to Chinese Culture and Art of very high standard when they visit exhibitions that show case calligraphy Artwork and Chinese painting by local artists and artists from Chinese.  In 2016, 13 members did extremely well in a Chinese Painting competition. Their paintings won prizes in a competition and were selected for an exhibition — Singapore Chinese Cultural & Calligraphy Exhibition. These paintings were framed and hung up on the wall on the third level of the school.

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