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Digital Media Club

Digital Media Club

The SAC Digital Media Club (DMC) aims to develop in her members skills in photography and film-making. DMC members will be able to develop their innate creativity and an eye for the aesthetic. Members are groomed to develop a flair for digital media and to handle the equipment required for the hobbyist photographer or film-maker in the 21st century.

DMC members have participated in numerous nation-wide competitions over the years, particularly in the annual the Schools Digital Media Awards (SDMA),Canon Marathon and N.E. mation.

DMC members also participate in outdoor photography projects all over Singapore and have conducted various Photography workshops in Singapore Student Photography Conference since 2013 onwards.

Teachers in charge
1st Teacher-in-charge       :    Ms Chiu Yun Ting
2nd Teacher-in-charge     :    Ms Li Wei

CCA Leaders (2016)
President / CSM                   :    Amanda Tan Xiao Hui (Sec 4.7)
Vice-President / DCSMs    :    Nadya Charlene Sutanto (Sec 4.8)

CCA Leaders (2017)
President / CSM                   :    Vincent Jayaraj Linettaa (3.5)
Vice-President / DCSMs    :    Carmen Loh Wing Yarn (3.5)


Kids Witness News 2009

  • Nominated for Best Clipper Award

Singapore Youth Photographer Award 2010

Mobile Animation Challenge (MAC) 2011

  • Top 25 Award

Schools Digital Media Awards ( Video Category)

  • 2013- Gold
  • 2012-Silver
  • 2011-Gold
  • 2010-Gold
  • 2009-Silver
  • 2008-Sliver

24 Take 3, Organised by ACS(I)


  • 2016 –Top 20
  • 2014- Top 40
  • 2013-Top 40
  • 2011-Top 20
  • 2007-Top 10

Animals & Community Creative Expression 2012

  • First Prize and Second Prize

Canon Marathon Photography Competition 2016

  • Second Prize in Student Category

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