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Media Resource Library

Media Resource Library

The Media Resource Library (MRL) society plays an important part in the maintenance of school library – Library@SACSS. The student librarians strive to create a homely and cosy environment where students will be able to gain access to a wide array of reading materials. Not forgetting our digital natives in this technologically advanced era, we also have a good selection of DVDs for students’ viewing pleasure. Bringing the nooks and crannies around the world to Library@SACSS is our mission. As we embark on this mission, our student librarians seek to create a reading experience imbued with joy and excellence through their creative thematic displays.

Teachers in charge
Ms Justina Foo
Ms Kamala Kausikan
Ms Penny Zhang

School Librarian – Mdm Heng Liang Hong

CCA Leaders
2016 – 2017

  • President – Snekha Balamurugan (Sec 3-4)
  • Vice-President – Natasha Amira Tan Bte Mohd (Sec 3-4)
  • Publicity Manager- Renee Wang ( Sec 2-8)
  • Events Manager- Nurul Emilia Bte Abful Rahim (Sec2-5)

16th Inter-School National Scrabble Championship 2017

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