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Indian Dance

Indian Dance

The Indian Dance CCA Group comprises of multiracial students with the desire to engage in the passion and culture of Indian Dance. Under the expertise of their instructor, Mrs Vijaya Nadesan, the dancers have been able to explore and develop their passions and talents for this cultural art. Mrs Vijaya inspires the students to hone their skills in the pursuit of excellence. By being part of Indian Dance, the school hopes that students will take advantage of their learning experiences to explore the diversity of our society as well as to use their talent and training to contribute to Singapore’s growing Performing Arts community.

Teachers in Charge
Ms Nurfaeza Rahmat
Ms Keiran Voon
Ms Cheryl Cheah

Mrs Vijaya Nadesan

CCA Leaders
President: Narajala Satwika (3.8)
Vice President: Hudencial Rianna Sophia (3.7)
Head dance leader: Nagalakshmi (3.5)
Dance leader: Tania Maimun bte Iskandar (3.3)
Head secretary: Senthil Kumar Reetadevi (3.7)
Secretary/ Wardrobe: Sherya Tejpal (3.3)
Discipline/ Wardrobe: Maria Nishani Pillai (3.2)
Wardrobe: Yogini Mehta (3.3)

2017 SYF Central Judging Arts Presentation—Certificate of Distinction
2015 SYF Central Judging Arts Presentation—Certificate of Distinction
2013 SYF Central Judging Arts Presentation—Gold With Honours Award

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