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Modern Dance

Modern Dance

The Modern Dance CCA Group began in 1994 as part of the school’s Performance Arts niche.  The Modern Dance CCA comprises students with potential to excel in the area of their passion. Under the expertise of their instructors, Mr Dan Kwoh and Ms Wong Liang Pei, the dancers undergo intensive yet enjoyable dance lessons.  The instructors inspire students to hone their skills in the pursuit of excellence. More importantly, the school hopes that students will take advantage of their learning experiences as members of SACSS Modern Dance Group, and use their talent and training to contribute to Singapore’s growing Performing Arts community.

Teachers in Charge
Mrs Chong Lay Eng
Miss Daisy Tan
Miss Shona Chow

Mr Dan Kwoh
Ms Wong Liang Pei

CCA Leaders
Chairperson: Khairiah bt Mustafa(3.4)
Vice-Chairperson: Yan Shi Yun Shanna (3.8)
Upper Sec Dance Captain Noelle Ryanne Lam(3.2 )
Lower Sec Dance Captain: Elyse Sng Li-Min (2.8)
Welfare: Hannah Alyaa Tan Shiling (3.6)
Events: Kaylar Ong Zhi Wei (3.6)
Wardrobe: Jeremiah Kimberly Ann (3.4)
Level Representatives: Jesslyn Ho Jia Ying (Sec 1), Esther Soh Siqi (Sec 2)
Janelle Lam Kai Yee(Sec 3), Dorothy Ng Hong Yu (Sec 4)

2017 SYF Central Judging Arts Presentation – Certificate of Accomplishment
2015 SYF Central Judging Arts Presentation—Certificate of Distinction
2013 SYF Central Judging Arts Presentation—Gold With Honours Award
2011 SYF Central  Judging Arts Presentation—Silver Award

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