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Percussion Band

Percussion Band

One Band One Beat

SACSS is one of the few schools in Singapore which offers Percussion Band as a Co-Curricular Activity (CCA). Besides Concert Music, the band also includes upbeat genres such as samba music and grunge as part of our repertoire. Our instruments range from the xylophone to the djembe, and include recycled instruments such as bins and washboards. Coming up with new ideas for performances is a constant challenge and has allowed us to forge strong bonds and strengthen relationships with one another.

We have entertained guests, young and old alike, with our lively and groovy Samba music performances at various events such as during the Fengshan CC Lunar New Year Celebration, the SAC New Year Concert, SAC ARTS ALIVE, Percussion Band and Concert Band Fiesta and many more. Our Percussion Band has also performed at the South East Clean and Green Carnival in 2014 and 2016. In 2015, we were invited to perform at the  SG 50 Catholic Mass  for an audience of about 10,000 people! In 2017, for the first time in history, Percussion Band participated in the SYF Arts Presentation under the Percussion Ensemble category and clinched the Certificate of Accomplishment.

Our CCA welcomes all students who have a passion for music. Just like what our instructor, Mr Juraimi always says, ‘One band, One beat’ we share a common love for music and treasure the time we spent together.

Teachers in Charge
Mdm Suzana Bte Mohamad Nor
Ms Siti Raudhah Bte Sukri
Ms Michelle Goon Bi Yan

Mr Juraimi Hamid

CCA Leaders
President :   Faith Elizabeth Fong (3.8)
Vice President :   Kristen Chan  (3.5)
Secretary :  Nur Haziqah D/O Salimuddeen A (3.7)
Welfare : Kloie Mak Keyi (3.5), Nurmira Syarafana Bte Abdul H. (2.3)
Kelsy Seah Hoon Ching (3.2), Danielle Rose Berlandier (3.2)
Wardrobe : Natalie Lim (3.4), Nah Yi An (3.2)
Library :  Lee Zhi Yi (3.5), Lim Xin Yi (3.6),  Wong Ann Xuan, Ruth (2.5), Chia Li Xuan (3.5)
Quarter Mistress :  Chan Ting Wen (2.7), Nurdanisha Insyirah Bte R,(2.2)
Athena Han Jun Ru (3.3), Tan Qi Xuan (3.5), And Sheryl Sevilla (3.7)

2017 SYF Central Judging Arts Presentation—Certificate of Accomplishment

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