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Floorball is a fast-paced sport that is gaining popularity in Singapore. The sport is easy to pick up and exciting to play. It is played indoor and a player requires only a floorball stick and a positive attitude.

St. Anthony’s Canossian Floorball CCA trains the students to excel and in the process, enjoy the game and camaraderie of their fellow teammates. Students go through physical training and learn good qualities like sportsmanship and resilience.

“TILL THE END” – Our motto that has spurred us on in all our games and competitions.

Teachers in charge
Mdm Wendy Arleena Bte Sukma
Mr Siddiq Bin Suleiman
Mdm De Cotta Jannine
Miss Nurul Ain Hamzah

Mr Desmond
Mr Siddiq

CCA Leaders
B Division
Captain : Lee Wei En Claudia (4.7)
Vice-captain : Gan Dorothy Erin Lim (4.5)
Sec 3 Captain : Siti Nur Asfarina (3.4)
Sec 3 Vice-Captain: Leah Kenisha Mak (3.3)

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