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The SACSS Taekwondo Group was set up in 2013. ‘Tae’ means to kick or smash with the feet, ‘Kwon’ implies punching or destroying with the hands or fists and ‘Do’ means the art or the way. Hence, taekwondo, a Korean phraseology, literally means the art of foot and hand fighting, ‘The way’ indicates not only the physical but also the spiritual aspect of this form of martial art.

Teachers in Charge
Ms Joyce Liu
Mrs Natalie Lian
Mr Terence Yap

Mr Darran Lee
Ms Evonne

CCA Leaders
Captain: Tay Hui Ping, Anselina (3/8)
Vice Captain: Tan Sze Yuu Jovin (3/5)


National Schools Taekwondo Championships 2015
C-Division Red Belt Kyorugi (Under 50 kg) – Gold
C-Division Poom Belt Kyorugi (Under 38 kg) – Bronze
C-Division Yellow Belt Poomsae (Individual) – Bronze
B-Division Poom Belt Kyorugi (Under 68 kg) – Gold
B-Division Poom Belt Poomsae (Team) – Bronze

National Schools Taekwondo Championships 2016
C-Division Red1 Belt Poomsae (Individual) – Silver
C-Division Red2 Belt Poomsae (Individual) – Gold

National Schools Taekwondo Championships 2017
B- Division Girls Kyorugi – Silver
C- Division Kyorugi Poom Belt (Under 42 kg) – Silver
B- Division Kyorugi Black Belt (Under 56 kg) – Silver
B- Division Kyorugi Red Belt (Under 76 kg) – Bronze
B- Division Kyorugi Red Belt (Under 52 kg) – Gold
B- Division Kyorugi Black Belt (Under 56 kg) – Bronze

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