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A vibrant and cohesive CCA team, the SACSS Tennis Team develops our members to be resilient, responsible and determined. Participating in both friendly and national competitions, the CCA allows for a wide exposure to different learning experiences. The player will monitor her performance during trainings and work on the weaknesses in order to be a better player. The members also participate in school CCA camps that help build up the camaraderie and bond within the team. Under the guidance of our dedicated coach – Mr Nelson Tan and Mr Peter Ng, the girls continue to strive for excellence.

Teachers in Charge
Mr Hamzah Mohamed
Mr Roland Lim
Mr Faisal Hussein

Mr Nielson Tan &  Mr Peter Ng

CCA Leaders
Captain :  Inshirah Ramjoo (Sec 3-5)
V. Captain : Anamika Sanjeev (Sec 3-4)

National Inter-School Tennis Championship 2017
‘B’ & ‘C’ Divisions Girls


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