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Your growth matters.

With the help of our teachers, counsellors and a rich curriculum, you’ll learn to knit together your interests, talents, identities, and goals into a cohesive thread that will help you soar after graduation.

At SACSS, we will stimulate your intellectual and personal growth, connect theory with practice, and offer opportunities to approach problems thoughtfully, critically, ethically, and creatively. Under our Talent Take-Off Programme, this is where you start to gain a much clearer understanding of their own abilities and strengths by exploring the world of work and finding solutions to world challenges. You will ascend through community-based activities, and international exposure through the Global Learning Pass; and teacher-mentored Young Scholar Research and Initiative Programme and internships to graduate enriched and fully prepared for challenging and fulfilling post-secondary education.

Tricia Chin

Tricia is an undergraduate at the National University of Singapore pursuing a degree in Life Sciences with a minor in Public Health. At SACSS, Tricia was the Vice-Head girl and later became the President of the Student Council at Victoria Junior College. In 2018, she achieved the VJC award for Excellence in service and academics. In 2019, received 3 other awards, namely, the Goh Chok Tong Nextgen Outstanding Student Leader Award, the Dr Ong Chit Chung’s Trophy for Outstanding Service to the College and the CCA Service Award. Tricia believes that service is the key to seeking satisfaction and motivation in what you do and she attributes many of her excellent achievements to the opportunities provided at SACSS. She says, “SACSS was a conducive environment for us to explore our sense of identity and who we were and to always strive for our personal best. Despite being academically driven, the growth of character was emphasised, and it felt like everyone was their unique person, something I feel is lacking in other places sometimes.” Tricia continues to volunteer at several organisations and is currently an intern with Schneider Electric.