Percussion Band

PB14_SYF Drummers

SACSS is one of the few schools in Singapore which offers Percussion Band as a Co-Curricular Activity (CCA). Besides the regular form of concert music, the band also includes upbeat genres such as samba and jazz. Our members are given the experience to create, improvise and perform at various platforms to showcase their talent thus attaining both performance and music theory skills. Additionally, students learn to handle both the pitched and unpitched percussion instruments. Whenever possible, students are encouraged to watch the professional musicians around the world and attend workshops or masterclasses, where they will work together with professional musicians to enhance their music and performance skills. Through these performances, practices, and experiences, our students foster collaboration and team spirit which shape their character and values, develop them holistically, and allow them to gain friends for life. As a close knitted Percussion band community that shares a common love for music, we’re known as ‘One band, One beat’.

PB1_Night fest
SYF stage