St Magdalene_s Club 8_Photoframing and Colouring

St. Magdalene's Club

The St Magdalene’s Club CCA aims to equip and develop members with relevant life skills. Members try their hand at various culinary skills like baking and cooking as well as explore hands-on activities like origami, frottage art, card making, including outdoor gardening. Through our CCA, every student is nurtured to become a more confident, creative and compassionate person who can in their own way become Canossians of Influence. Over the last few years, we have collaborated with various external organisations such as the South East CDC, the Singapore Science Centre and Citibank to provide our students with opportunities to conduct craft and culinary workshops. In 2021, our members participated in the ‘Young Sustainability Champion (Senior)’ programme organised by the Singapore Science Centre and supported by Temasek Foundation. This programme aims to stimulate interest in sustainability through self-directed activities, which provides opportunities for initiative and creativity. Additionally, our members also participated in a skills development workshop, ‘Citi-Build Your Tomorrow’ organised by South East CDC and Citibank involving tote bag printmaking and watercolour card painting. Such exposure creates platforms that encourage decision-making processes and leverage on other critical thinking skills.

St Magdalene_s Club 2_Bookmark Making
St Magdalene_s Club 6_Totebag Printmaking