The Humanities Department aims to nurture students to be Canossians of Influence by developing their global consciousness through the appreciation of History, Geography and Social Studies. The Humanities provides a platform to harness our students’ critical thinking skills, to inculcate in them timeless values of humility, charity, faith and forgiveness so that with phronetic power of discernment would they be empowered to transform and humanise the world. As each child is different, the Department uses differentiated instruction as a pedagogical tool to enrich her learning. Lessons are curated in a way that includes discussions that fosters collaboration and team spirit so that students will benefit from one another’s sharing. Clips, besides documentaries, includes popular K-dramas and Hong Kong dramas, are shown to provide our students with a visual representation of what they learn as well as to enable them to see the relevance of humanities in everyday living. Students are taught to reflect on their learning process and share their insights so as to gradually develop self-mastery.

To deepen students’ appreciation of the discipline, the Department also organises learning journeys and field trips of significant sites to broaden their knowledge and develop multiple perspectives via their interactions with various speakers and hands on practices. Furthermore, students can also see the relevance of Humanities in our annual celebrations, including Humanities Week, Total Defence Day, International Friendship Day and Racial Harmony Day, by understanding the global dynamic forces at work that require us to be equipped with both wit and wisdom of the head and heart.

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