Heritage Gallery

Launch of Heritage Gallery, St Magdalene’s Feast Day and Awards Ceremony

In conjunction with St Magdalene’s Feast Day, on 5 March 2021, the St Anthony’s Canossian Schools re-opened the newly refurbished Heritage Gallery, Nostalgie Canossiane. Provincial Leader, Sr Christina Yeo, and Superintendent of East 4 Cluster, Mr Justin Pierre, declared the gallery open. Father Eugene Lee blessed the gallery.

Also present at the opening were a number of Sisters, members of the Canossian Alumni Association, School Management Committee and Staff. These visitors were guided by student docents from both SACPS and SACSS through the galleries, the chapel and the walkway. They reminisced the past as they relived their school moments in the classroom, the quadrangle, and other school experiences through the interactive exhibits, replicas and artefacts.

The concept of this gallery is built upon the words of the school song which serve as a constant reminder of the schools' educational aims.

We hope that through the documentation and archiving of our traditions and achievements, more visitors and stakeholders will be reminded of the charism of the Canossian education as espoused by our Foundress, St Magdalene of Canossa.