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The Principal Speaks

"Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, and faithful in prayer." Romans 12:12

2021 was a year of surmounting continued COVID-19 challenges and realising amazing accomplishments. It is truly in times of disruptions and uncertainties that our ability to stay focused on our vision and rooted in our Canossian identity are of utmost importance. To promote inclusiveness and interest-based learning, SACSS pioneered the Full Subject Based Banding (FSBB) mixed-stream Form Classes, kick-started our Talent Take-Off Programme for the Secondary 1 students and reignited our Global Learning Pass Programme to afford our students a twinning programme with our partner Bruneian school, as well as a science research programme with the National Taiwan University. We also persevered through the series of Safe Management Measures (SMM) restrictions and hybrid learning schedules to receive wonderful achievements at the Singapore Youth Festival and witness our best N-Level and O-Level results in the last 3 years. Even our student leaders rode the waves of challenges to bring about new innovations – such as introducing the event, SAC Got Talent, creating podcasts on mental wellness, as well as developing team-bonding activities during E-CCAs.

2022: Anchored in Hope, United in Love

Living in crisis and continued uncertainties may tempt us to think about forgoing our dreams and time with our loved ones to tackle the more pressing issues at hand. But life will always present the hardships, challenges and messiness. So, it is all the more important that we are able to find a deep abiding hope to anchor ourselves and avoid the myths of instant fixes, false assurances and toxic positivity that ultimately disconnect and disengage us. Our school theme for 2022 is “Anchored in Hope, United in Love”. Hope acknowledges the difficulties and understands that effort and support that are required to overcome challenges. With all that we've been through over the past years, we know that when we stick together, united in love, there is no mountain we cannot climb.

In 2022, let us all work and grow together as a Canossian family to build each other up, Anchored in Hope, United in Love. Let us help one another to:

  1. Hear Hope: To seek out positive and hopeful voices to negate unhealthy self-doubts, envy, despair and cynicism; always keeping our cups full and lacking nothing.
  2. See Hope: To be future-focused, rather than being weighed down by past regrets and negative memories; to find the willpower to sacrifice present distractions and fulfil our future ambitions.
  3. Speak Hope: To be conscious of our choice of words and perspectives regarding the situations we are facing and spread words of encouragement to build confidence and raise morale in others.
  4. Carry Hope: To light up the lives of people around us by loving them, allowing our love to help them feel accepted and affirmed as dignified individuals.

Hope cannot be decreased when shared; it only amplifies.

To our prospective students and interested parents, joining us at SACSS will be the beginning of an exciting and fulfilling journey where your daughter can expect to be challenged and supported in equal measure. Be a part of a community that celebrates, nurtures, and respects individuality; a community where girls are free to explore, try new things, and overcome fear of failure. We look forward to welcoming you to St Anthony’s Canossian Secondary School.

Artwork on 2022 theme, 'Anchored in Hope, United in Love' by Imanya Azzahra (Sec 4.8)

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