Your interests matter.

Breadth is a key feature of our Canossian education which allows you to build on your interest through a wide range of modules and CCAs that promote your creativity streak and build your portfolio beyond the confines of the classroom. Through our Performing Arts, Young Scholars Programme, Talent Take-off and Applied Learning Programmes, you will develop a broader range of skills that may not traditionally be available within the MOE curriculum. Designed and taught in partnership with alumni, vendors and educational institutions, these modules address topics through diverse disciplinary lenses. You will learn how to synthesise ideas from different fields and collaborate in multidisciplinary settings which are highly valued and needed in solving many of the world’s challenges.

Aalesha Cheong

Aalesha is currently a student at Victoria Junior College on the Humanities Scholarship Programme. Aaleesha attributes her success to the breadth of experiences she received at SACSS which has shaped her into a critical thinker who conducts herself with poise and finesse. Aalesha had this to say, “I love writing and my English teachers guided me and maximised my potential through the feedback and opportunities they gave me. Additionally, I was also excited when we went for History and Geography learning journeys to museums and exhibitions about World War 2 and when we visited the Commonwealth graveyard. I leant how to synthesise the knowledge I received from the various disciplines. SACSS taught me to be inquisitive and to delve deeper into issues.”