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Your significance matters.

Beyond getting good grades, it is important to develop a purpose in life beyond a mundane everyday existence. At SACSS, we develop your personhood. Here, we take time to reflect on the meaning of events in life and we develop your ability to explain why you believe, in order to guide your sense of right and wrong and act accordingly. Through our Canossian Formation Journey, we create opportunities for you to learn more about charity, humility, forgiveness and faith; to heal from past hurts and affirm your self-worth for love, compassion and generosity in life. Once you understand why you’re driven to feel significant to those around you, you can better interpret your own actions and use this desire to help you work toward fulfilling your goals and supporting those around you.


Amylia Sophia Binte Mohd Azali

Amylia graduated from SACSS in 2020 and is currently studying Nursing at the Institute of Technical Education (ITE). During her time in SACSS, Amylia served in the Student Council as Head of the Welfare Committee, leading her fellow Student Councillors in planning and organising student-led programmes. Amylia is very grateful to SACSS for inspiring her, and supporting her emotionally and spiritually. She benefited from the formation of the heart and spiritual growth in the school, “The opportunities provided, together with the commitment to students’ emotional growth at SACSS was a major contributing factor in enabling me to discover my sense of purpose in helping others, hence I pursued nursing”. In 2021, Amylia received the Lee Kuan Yew Award for Outstanding Normal Course Students (LKY-ONC).