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Career & Education Advising

Career Education and Advising

The premise of Career Education stems from our belief that all our students possess talents and that each of these talents need to be either discovered, trained or refined. In today’s world, work takes on various definitions and many of these go beyond just a means to earn a living. We encourage our girls to explore 

  • Having a passion for something
  • Achieving Something
  • Making the World a better place

At the Secondary One level, students are exposed to career options and explore their interest areas through the Talent Take-Off Programme and the Global Challenge. At Secondary 2, they distill their choices to 4 main pathways. These include

  • Design, Digital and Infocomm Technology
  • Health Sciences and Medicine
  • Hospitality, Sports and Recreation
  • Media and Communications

Within each category, Secondary 2 students further explore various possible career options and the skills and experience required in the specific industry. As they progress to the upper secondary levels, our girls are taught Financial Literacy and Financial Planning and at the upper secondary levels, these students are exposed to Applied Learning and Elective Modules at the Polytechnics and other Tertiary Institutions as well as Learning Journeys to various organisations. Career Fairs and invited speakers comprising members of our alumni and esteemed individuals from various organisations are also invited to share their expertise with our students. 

Simultaneously throughout the years in SACSS, our girls are provided with advice and guidance on various topics through their Values Education lessons, assembly programme and enrichment programmes. These include Cyber-Wellness, Stress Management and Personal Grooming.