Talent Takeoff Programme

The Talent Take Off programme is a customised lower secondary programme based on the principle of Inquiry Based Learning. Students are guided through a series of courses and workshops before they actually embark on Global Challenge which is intended to bridge a gap or make a positive difference.

To that end, our girls gain exposure to various Worlds and the associated careers within these worlds. These include the following:

  • Healthy World: nurse, health app developer, chef, fitness instructor
  • Beautiful World: graphic designer, film maker, civil engineer, architect
  • Sustainable World: climate change advocate, Nparks Officer, Zoologist
  • Equal World: social worker, lawyer, youth worker
  • Informed World: journalist, accountant, advertising
  • Safe World: police officer, cybersecurity consultant

In the process of working towards the Global Challenge, our students research skills, project planning skills, proposal writing, digital marketing and other relevant 21st century skills. The idea of making a positive difference stems from the premise of ensuring the “Cause before the Course”. Hence, it is necessary for students to see that adding value to a career choice is also about the ability to give back to society and that, in and of itself, provides a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, thus making them Canossians of Influence who are ready to lead and serve.