Arts Alive

Arts Alive! was the theme used for the official launch of our Autonomous Niche area in the Performing Arts in 2004. SACSS organised a two-day Arts Festival where the entire school literally came alive with all the performing arts CCAs and Lower Secondary Dance, Music and Drama students performing at different parts of the school with 2000 audience attending the event.

A large majority of our students possess a passion for the performing arts, with more than 60% of our students in the Performing Arts CCA and 100% of our Lower Secondary Students offer Drama and Music at the Lower Secondary. Therefore, it seemed apt to have Arts Alive! As a permanent biennial event to bring the performing arts alive at SACSS. We believe that all students can learn to appreciate the arts and reap the benefits of a holistic arts education as we continue to make the arts an integral part of our life in SACSS. In 2018, we launched the first Night Festival as part of the Arts Alive! Programme with combined performances by various CCA groups.

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Indian Dance 1
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