AB5 SYF 2021 Angklung Performance


AB7 Angklung CIP at NTUC Eldercare 2018

Angklung is a traditional Indonesian musical instrument consisting of two to four bamboo tubes suspended in a bamboo frame. Each Angklung produces a unique note or chord, so several members must collaborate in order to play a melody. By shaking and tapping the instruments, each member of the Band combines the different notes harmoniously and produce enchanting pieces of music, every time they perform.

The SAC Angklung Band, which was established in 1993, is a dynamic CCA that has high performing standards, as evidenced by the consistent achievement of the Certificate of Distinction for the SYF Central Judging Arts Presentation from 2015 to 2021. The Angklung Band takes part in many school and community activities and events, such as the inaugural SAC Night Festival, cultural exchange programmes with the Japanese students from Meiko, Japan and external performances such as the Angklung Silver Arts Performance, Garden by the Bay.  We also bring joy to others through VIA projects such as the visit to Eldercare at NTUC’s Silver Circle.

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