Choir_Chapel performance


Choir_2021 SYF preparation

The SACSS Choir has a long history dating back to 1969. Some of our most notable awards include the Gold award in the 15th International Festival of Advent and Christmas Music in Prague in 2005, and 2 Gold awards in Olomouc in 2007 where we emerged First Runner-up amongst 127 choirs. We were also Champions at the International Choral Competition in Krakow, Poland (2010) and achieved High Silver awards in both the Children and Sacred Songs categories in Vienna, Austria in 2012.

Since 2009, our Choir’s dedication to the artform and diligent practice has allowed us to continuously clinch the Gold with Honours award at the Singapore Youth Festival. Choral workshops and exchanges are organized once a year and students learn new techniques while singing with other choirs. Our members are regularly exposed to a wide repertoire of musical styles and genres from classical choral works to famous Broadway musicals like Wicked and The Lion King. Additionally, members are able to sing in various languages such as German, Japanese and Italian. We also provide leadership opportunities such as student-lead sessions which is held fortnightly. As a choral community, we give back through our gift of music. Hence, we have organised outreach performances such as Christmas Carolling to the members of the community, as well as performances at the Changi General Hospital (CGH) and Senior Care centres.

VIA_Carolling at CGH