Human Values Drama Festival 2018 Pic 1

Drama Club

The SACSS Drama Club is one of the school’s niche Performing Arts CCAs. To ensure that our students are developed holistically in their understanding of Drama as a discipline and art form, students are exposed to a wide range of theatre genres and actively involved students in every aspect of play making. We develop students in their performance skills, devising skills, play analysis, theatre critique, design and stagecraft. These invaluable learning experiences develop our students holistically as they discover new talents and hone existing skills. The Drama Club regularly organises Learning Journeys to theatres, Masterclasses and talks by theatre professionals. In 2018, we organised a Speech Masterclass by Voice and Presentation Director, Ms Petrina Kow. And more recently, in 2021, we arranged for a talk with a Young Artist Award Recipient (2014), Ms Siti Khalijah Zainal.

We want to develop young artists who believe that their voice matters and empowered them to make a difference in their generation through Drama. Hence, our Drama Club focuses on creating original devised work based on social issues that resonate with our youths. We value and celebrate diversity by embracing the unique skills and experience of every member. All are actively involved in the collaborative process of research, artistic creation and decision-making while taping on each other’s strengths.

Human Values Drama Festival 2018 Pic 2
SYF 2021 01 Stills from the play, Goliath