Guitar Ensemble

Since its inception in 1996, the Guitar Ensemble aims to touch and inspire hearts through the melodic and harmonious expression of music, through diligence in practice and attention to the art form so as to work towards a greater vision to instil the love for music and acknowledge the power to move the human soul through the strings of the guitar. Through practice sessions, members learn to expand their vocabulary of chords, and strumming and plucking patterns through a diverse repertoire for performance. Students’ leadership skills are honed through the planning CCA activities in the form of administrative and logistic matters in consultation with teachers and instructors. To strengthen the camaraderie within the CCA, leaders also learn to develop meaningful working relationships and establish rapport with all fellow CCA members. The annual Guitar Ensemble Festival that is held at the end of the year is something that students look forward to especially when perform in public and share their experiences of learning music with other schools.