Indian Dance

The Indian Dance CCA prides itself on its rich history, stellar instruction and close-knit members. While Indians form a minority race in Singapore, their dance traditions are anything but. The Indian Dance CCA exposes members the classical dance form of Bharatnatyam. A giant in the world of Indian dance, this style is renowned for spectacular footwork and intricate gestures that combine beautifully to form a narrative. Every CCA session is an opportunity for students to both hone their skills and build teamwork. Rhythmic patterns, music and the use of body take centre stage as all modes are weaved carefully to craft a mesmerizing story. Synchronisation is another a key aspect of Indian dance. Movement in tandem with other dancers allows teamwork to shine, as dancers need to ensure that they are performing as one. A wide range of exposure is also needed to feed the imagination of a creative dancer. The Indian Dance CCA creates opportunities to expose students to the art form, with a trip to the Esplanade in 2019 and the participation in the Brahmastra Festival of Arts and Music in 2021. To augment their learning, students are also given research projects to find out more about the various forms of Indian dance, and they are required to present their findings to the CCA.

Sec 1 orientation 2020 (II)
SYF 2021 (IV)