Modern Dance


‘One Dance, One Passion, One Family’ is the SACSS Modern Dance motto. Founded in 1994 as part of the School’s Performance Arts niche, the Modern Dance family has grown to over fifty members, some of whom did not have any prior dance experience.
Dancers undergo intensive yet enjoyable dance lessons, allowing every dancer to hone her skill and mature in her own unique way, while simultaneously being challenged to master different dance skills. Opportunities to experiment with a wide variety of dance genres like Jazz, Hip hop and Street Jazz, are provided to all students to build on their repertoire. These experiences allow dancers to take advantage of their learning experience and be able to promote a love and appreciation for dance to all.

The SACSS Modern Dance Group has had numerous opportunities to showcase their talents in school, at public platforms and competitions, both local and overseas. Our dancers have had the honour of participating in several events to promote exchanges between Singapore and foreign dance groups. These events include the ‘Joy Dancing Beijing - Beijing Exchange Week of International Youth’ in 2018, the ‘9th Singapore International Dance Festival’ in 2019, and the ‘Charming Hainan - Cultural and Artistic Performances of Chinese Youth in the World’ in 2021.

2 - SYF 2019 - Listening to our heartbeat and footsteps
4 - Joy Dancing Beijing 2018 - In Beijing to promote Singapore