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Opportunities to Serve

Values-In-Action (VIA) @ SACSS

Our Values-In-Action (VIA) programme is aligned to the school’s vision and aims to provide authentic and hands-on opportunities to develop our students to lead and serve. The programme seeks to expose our students to serve in various sectors, namely the school community, the Canossian community, our Singapore community and our international community. Over the years, the school has also developed sustained partnership with various organisations such as Special Olympics Singapore, Willing Hearts, Sunlove (Chai Chee) and Southeast CDC. In addition to local opportunities, the school also organises overseas VIA trips to countries such as Cambodia and Vietnam, to serve our international communities. In 2019, we sought to connect with the wider Canossian family through an extension of our SAC Blaze, which was traditionally a school carnival mainly run by the Secondary Three students to raise funds for a chosen organisation. That year, an invitation to the event was extended to the alumni, all Canossian schools and our Cnaossian Sisters. Following that, in 2021, our level wide VIA projects were conducted in conjunction with Foundress Day, where the different levels were paired with the various members and organisations under the Canossian family – Canossa village, St Joseph’s Home, Villa Francis and our Sisters. Apart from these projects, departments and Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) such as the Mother Tongue Department and the Girl Guides also spearhead individual VIA projects. More recently, the school has been encouraging student-initiated VIA projects. Led by the Welfare council, our student leaders are given the opportunities to suggest and involve the school in various activities or causes that students wish to advocate for. SACSS launched the Thio Ying Ying Bursary in 2021,to further encourage as well as recognise students’ efforts in active volunteerism.