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Chinese Cultural Society

The Chinese Cultural Society aims to promote a strong sense of awareness and appreciation of Chinese culture and heritage to students at SACSS. We do this through regular sessions and special activities at various school functions. Our members learn Chinese calligraphy, Chinese painting, paper cutting and Chinese knots as well as other crafts. Students’ work pieces are showcased in various parts of the school. During special festivals such as the Lunar New year celebration, we also put up performances in school and some of our craft work are regularly used as gifts for Teachers’ Day. Recently, our students were engaged in creating a mural using the lotus to symbolise purity and innocence. The Chinese Cultural Society uses various platforms to engage non-Chinese students in our activities especially during fund raising events and through our immersion programmes with our collaborative schools. Our members attend Chinese Painting Competitions and Chinese Calligraphy Competition annually. In 2019, we attained both first and second position in 9th SCCCE Arts Awards and Festival.

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