Digital Media Club

The Digital Media Club (DMC) aims to help its members develop not only skills required by a hobbyist photographer or filmmaker in the 21st century, but also to develop a passion for this art form and expand their innate creativity through photos and videos. Members are exposed to different photography and videography techniques as well as introduced to professional equipment used for documenting events. DMC also aims to expose students to content creation using new media such as Virtual Reality, Greenscreen etc. DMC students can look forward to upgrading their photography & videography skills. They will have the opportunity to try out the different professional photography equipment and expose themselves to the process of making short videos and video editing. In DMC, students will foster collaboration with other CCAs and at the same time, render photography services to the school through school-wide events such as Arts Alive, Night festival and other school events.

DMC members have participated in numerous nation-wide competitions over the years, including the annual the Schools Digital Media Awards (SDMA), the Canon PhotoMarathon and the N.E.mation! competitions. DMC members also participate in outdoor photography projects all over Singapore. DMC has had learning journeys to places such as Gardens by the Bay, Chinatown and many more. Since 2013, Members have also facilitated various Photography workshops in the Singapore Student Photography Conference (SSPC) consisting of Trick Photography and Frozen Photography.