National Civil Defence Cadet Corps

The mission of NCDCC is to develop and empower youths to be active and concerned citizens advocating lifesaving skills. Under the purview of the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Home Affairs and Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF), with its administration under Home Team Corps (HTC) Headquarters (HQ), NCDCC receives strong support from HTC HQ for CCA training and events. NCDCC moulds character development and seeks to nurture responsible and resilient cadets with its core values of Noble, Caring, Disciplined, Courageous and Committed which are the guiding principles that form the strong identity and dictate the desired behaviour and action of the cadets.  Cadets will learn a Triangle of Life skills, which include basic firefighting, first aid and CPR+AED. These are core skills in NCDCC, which enable cadets to help themselves and others in times of need. Equipping cadets with these skills will help to form their identity as NCDCC cadets, a community responder at heart. Cadets are also trained in soft skills such as leadership, communication, relationship management and social awareness to get them ready for their leadership phase. As part of the NCDCC, cadets have the opportunity to make choices to serve their school and the wider community through public education platforms such as the NCDCC Service Month and Emergency Preparedness Day as advocates of Emergency Preparedness.