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Taekwondo is a martial art form originating from Korea, which involves a systematic and disciplined method of learning. Members are taught Poomsae patterns, Kyorugi, or sparring techniques and Taekwondo demonstration skills. The SACSS Taekwondo programme seeks to instill values such as resilience, respect and discipline in every member. A balanced approach is adopted during physical training sessions, as members practice moves to build up strength and improve flexibility while at the same time perfecting every single set of moves, kicks and stance with precision. Members are provided with opportunities for growth as they rise up the ranks through Taekwondo grading tests. As a team sport, Taekwondo training sessions also encompass team bonding, team work and fun. SACSS Taekwondo has nurtured and developed our members to take part and excel in the National School Taekwondo Championships, clinching medals over the years. Over the last few years, since 2018, the SACSS Taekwondo team has been consistently attaining a gold medal for the Poomsae event team competition as well as silver and bronze medals for individual events. In 2019, SACSS had a bumper crop of 8 individual bronze medalists for the Kyorugi Individual Competition.

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