A vibrant and cohesive CCA team, the SACSS Tennis Team develops our members to be resilient, responsible and determined players. Participating in both friendly and national competitions, the CCA allows for a wider exposure to different learning experiences. This, coupled with learning journeys for WTA matches, regular practice runs to Bedok Reservoir Park and intra-CCA competitions, the Tennis team has been able to add flavour to the training sessions. Our members also participate in school CCA camps that help build up the camaraderie and bond within the team. On the court, each player is conditioned to monitor her performance during training and work on the weaknesses in order to be a better player. Upon transiting to e-CCA during the Home-based learning period, our players also kept up the energy by focusing on Tennis tactics, mental skills and strength training. Under the tutelage of our dedicated coaches, our students keep persevering and continue to push the bar for excellence.

Competition Break