T_F 1_runner on starting block

Track and Field

Established in 2014, the SACSS Track and Field CCA provides students with the opportunity to develop their skills in a variety of athletic events ranging from cross-country, sprints, jumps, throws and long-distance runs. Psychological strength and resilience, essential traits of a sportsperson, are also emphasised during the training process. The skills and qualities of determination, discipline and passion gained through the CCA experience will definitely empower students throughout their life.  Additionally, our enriching training programmes are centred on character education, sportsmanship and high levels of self-discipline. The highlight for many of our students is the annual National Schools Track and Field Championships. Besides that, we  gain sporting experience through participation in inter-school competitions and we improve the mastery of skills by mentoring their juniors in our sister primary school.

T_F 2_thrower
T_F 14_runner tying laces