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Young Scholars' Academic, Research & Initiatives

Young Scholars Research and Initiative Programme (YSRI)

Students with strong intellectual interest can enroll in the Young Scholars’ Academic, Research & Initiative for unique out-of-classroom opportunities to broaden students’ knowledge, advocate their insights and take part in competitions. The Young Scholars Research and Initiative Programme is designed to help academically capable students further their interest in their choice subjects and have opportunities to explore related careers. 

There are many different opportunities available to cater to our students’ different personal interests:

English Language, Literature and Communications

Over the years, to develop students’ skills and talents in English Language and Literature, students have been identified regularly to participate in competitions such as the National School’s Literature Festival and Scrabble Competitions. Students are also identified for morning assembly duties where they take charge of broadcasting and delivering the morning announcements to the student body. At SACSS, we tailor our Communication programmes to meet the global challenges and imbue in our students relevant 21st century skills such as communication, collaboration and cultural sensitivity. More recently, we have been training our students to act as docents for visitors to our heritage gallery. For the very first time in 2021, a group of student leaders will be conducting a workshop for their Secondary 1 juniors on proposal writing and presentation skills. This is our way of becoming Canossians of Influence.


In May 2021, SACSS sent 2 teams, comprising of 11 students to participate in the annual Tourism Innovation Competition 2021. This competition was jointly organised by Temasek Polytechnic and the Sentosa Development Corporation. Apart from our school, there were 39 other schools and 133 contestants who took part. The students were required to submit a proposal to Sentosa Development Board with suggestions of how to encourage sustainability in the tourist attraction sites. Both the teams clinched the top 2 places of Gold and Silver awards.


The Science Research Programme caters to the more passionate and ready Science students by exposing them to the research arenas. Varied competitions such as SSEF, the International Biomedical Olympiad and the IgNITE Science Challenge also provided the platforms for students to showcase their potential and leadership qualities. Students are encouraged to participate in different activities and assume roles such as being Interpol or CSI investigator as part of their regular sessions.

Life Arts 

The Creative Arts Programme aims to provide platforms to stretch students who have the talent, passion and interest for the visual Arts. They experiment on other Art forms and mediums that are not taught during lessons. This group of students represents the school for external art competitions.


Students are given the opportunity to take part in competitions to enrich their learning of mathematics. Secondary 2 students can sign up for Mathematical Olympiad training workshops and then take part in the Singapore Mathematical Olympiad (Junior).

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