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Information & Communication Technology


The continuous advancement of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is constantly revolutionsing the way we live, work and play. Harnessing the power of ICT allows us to be more efficient. However, it is also important that the use of ICT be grounded on sound ethics. The Computer Applications (CPA) subject promote digital literacy among students. They learn to be responsible, confident and creative users of technology, so they can be technologically adept and actively contribute to a society drive by ICT. The subject also prepares students to pursue higher learning in ICT by equipping students with computational thinking skills such as algorithmic thinking and decomposition through creating animations and games.

The ICT Department also aims to nurture all SACSS students into active learners, where they experience instruction that is student-centered, collaborative and technology enabled. In this environment, students CURATE, CREATE AND CONNECT. 

  • CURATE – Know how to sift through the vast amount of available information and discern the value of the information, organize it and make meaning of it.
  • CREATE – Use a range of media making tools to craft, modify and combine different modes of information.
  • CONNECT – Participate in the exchange of information or ideas synchronously and asynchronously.

At SACSS, every student will be using the Chromebook as their Personal Learning Device (PLD) to support their learning. PLDs harness technology for greater effectiveness in teaching and learning, enabled by teachers’ use of e-Pedagogy to provide learning experiences for students. They also enable students to learn online according to their needs and interests and to collaborate with each other, anytime and anywhere. In addition, PLDs provide an immersive environment for students to develop the dispositions, knowledge and skills to thrive in the digital environment.