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Pedagogy & Assessment Committee

In 2020, SACSS was identified as one of the 28 pilot schools selected for Full Subject-based Banding (Full SBB). This meant that students would be provided with more opportunities in terms of subject combinations and interaction with their peers. It also meant that pedagogical approaches and strategies needed to be more aligned to diverse learning needs. As supportive and inclusive Canossian learning environment, SACSS aims to nurture a differentiated learning environment where students assume responsibility and ownership for learning. 

The Pedagogy and Assessment Committee (PAC) was set up in 2021 to develop staff competencies in applying instructional strategies based on the guiding principles of DI, including use of technologies and Assessment of learning (AfL) to meet the diverse learning needs of students.

To cater to the different learning needs of students as part of nurturing the joy of learning, professional development at SACSS focuses on Differentiated Instructions (DI) and e-Pedagogy - 2 Areas of Practice that are aligned to the professional development roadmap for teachers from SkillsFuture for Educators (SFEd).

Beyond school-based workshop, PAC members conduct department-based sharing sessions and mentor teachers in the use of DI in lessons. At the department level, teachers also collaborate in Professional Learning Teams to develop DI resources and lesson packages. These efforts also aim to foster a culture of sharing and collaboration.

DI infographic