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Physical Education


The SACSS Physical Education (PE) Department strives to develop our student’s physical and mental health, emotional and psychosocial domains through the use of a systematic modular PE programme, framed by the Games Concept Approach (GCA) and Sports Education Model. Here, the students not only learn the skills and concepts of playing various games, but they also learn about Physical Health and Fitness (PHF) and Outdoor Education (OE). The SACSS PE programme aims to inculcate in our students a greater appreciation of healthy living, and in doing so, develop a more positive attitude towards physical activities.

Students are taught an array of games based on the different games categories; invasion, net/wall, striking/fielding, and target. At PE, students will learn to foster collaboration and team spirit through sports like handball, softball, and volleyball.  At the end of each module, students will receive a grade for PE based on the assessment of skills learnt and games played. Apart from being assessed on the skills and concepts, students will also be required to participate in an online quiz.

At SACSS, we believe that all students should be equipped with life skills like swimming and cycling that will enable to enjoy other forms of physical activities. In Secondary 1, all students (only those with Gold standard or higher are exempted) attend a 5-week compulsory Swimsafer Programme. Then in Secondary 2, all students undergo a full day cycling workshop, where students learn how to cycle or go on a mini expedition if their cycling skills are more competent. This also helps to prepare them for the Outward-Bound Singapore Camp in Secondary 3.