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Character & Citizenship Education

Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) has always been at the heart of our brand of Canossian Education. Our Foundress, St. Magdalene, strongly emphasised her educational philosophy which she called the "Formation of the Heart", where she acknowledged that feelings and affections have a strong bearing on the whole educational process for each child.

With the aim of preparing every student to be Canossians of Influence, the CCE curriculum leverages on a variety of platforms to cater to their different needs, interests and abilities. The three pillars to achieve this are the core curriculum, structures for culture-building, and platforms for experiential learning.

Based on the principle of “every teacher a CCE teacher”, through a broad-based curriculum, weekly lessons are conducted throughout the year to inculcate values and develop socio-emotional competencies.
Values Education Lessons: CCE Lessons, National Education (NE), Canossian Spirituality

Guidance Modules: Sexuality Education, Cyberwellness, Education and Career Guidance (ECG), Mental Wellness, Family Education

Assembly Programmes: External speakers covering key topics such as Mental Wellness, Stress Management and Leadership Awareness 

Enrichment Programmes:, Executive Functioning Skills, Digital Literacy, Financial Literacy, Learning Journeys

Highlighting the best behaviour and demonstration of values as part of developing a strong Canossian identity.
Teachers’ Professionalism and Role-Modelling

Student Leadership: Student Council, CCA Council, Catholic Activities Council, Class Committee

Awards and Recognition: St. Magdalene Award, St. Bakhita Award, Canossian Spirit Award, Character Awards, ECHA, EAGLES 

Support Systems:  Discipline, Counselling, Peer Support System

Multiple platforms to help students develop skills and apply them through authentic learning experiences.
Co-Curricular Activities

Talent Development Programme: Talent Take-Off, Young Scholars’ Programme, 

Values-in-Action (VIA) Projects: Class-Based, Level-Based, CCA-Based, Student Initiated

Events: Foundress Day, Thematic School Masses, NE Commemorative Days, Performing Arts Showcase, SAC Blaze 

Camps and Overseas Learning Journeys

CCE Hand