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Everyday Responsibilities

“All the world is a laboratory
to the inquiring mind.”

– Martin H. Fischer

Parents and schools play important roles in the holistic education of our children, both in the classroom and at home. With the school holidays approaching, parents may want to seize teachable moments to reinforce the values and attitudes that our children are taught in school. One area that parents may do this is in reinforcing “Everyday Responsibilities”. This initiative was launched by Acting Minister Ng Chee Meng on 25 February 2016. Through this initiative, our children are taught to be responsible for their classrooms and the shared spaces in the school.

“Everyday Responsibilities” can be reinforced at home by involving children in some simple household tasks. Some tips on how to involve our children in age-appropriate chores are included in this e-mailer. These allow the family to spend some quality time together while carrying out these responsibilities. At the same time, they help to develop our children’s sense of responsibility to their home, school and community.

We hope you will take some time to explain to our children about the importance of taking responsibility for shared spaces at home. This encourages them to be more motivated to play their part.

Happy holidays!

Everyday Responsibilities


Character development in our children is most effective when there is partnership among home, school and the community. The Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) curriculum provides opportunities for parents to reinforce our children’s learning and values nurtured in schools. Through these CCE Family Time activities, parents and children can decide, plan and carry out children’s contributions to the home. This includes cleaning tasks like making their beds, washing dishes or helping to clean the house. 

With constant practice, our children will learn pro-social behaviours and cultivate good life habits.

If you are wondering how to involve your children in everyday responsibilities, attached is a simple set of chores they could do over the holidays (and beyond!). Download the attachment for a clearer version.

Why Children Should Do Chores


Retired Principal Mrs Jenny Yeo shares how parents can nurture young children to be more responsible and independent through doing chores. Click here or on the image above to read more.

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