SACSS Sunset

School Crest, VIsion, Mission, Values

School Crest

Our school crest is used in all Canossian Schools.

The shield nurtures and respects the uniqueness of each child and our responsibility as educators to protect and nurture human dignity

On a dark-blue background there shines a four-pointed star with rays cast on to a book symbolising the Star of wisdom radiating on Knowledge. It is though knowledge that the mind is enlightened by wisdom.

The star is a symbol of lofty ideas stirring a person to great and noble deeds and represents four basic social virtues of Truth, Justice, Love and Freedom.

The Crown above the crest symbolises the supremacy of God and for all to be fully alive in the Glory of God so that we may live “the way, the truth and the life”.

school crest
SACSS Org Chart White_17Jan

School Vision

We aspire to develop our SACians to become women, who are Canossians of Influence, ready to lead with compassion and competence; serve with cheerfulness and commitment

School Mission

As a Canossian school, SACSS nurtures each girl in her own way by forming hearts, enlightening minds and empowering spirits to live in The Way, The Truth and The Life


We express our mission and vision in three powerful words to describe the experience we promote for the girls in our school:


SACSS is a diverse, inclusive school that respects the uniqueness of each individual. We are welcoming, supportive and encourage our girls to be themselves. We build a community of students who experience a sense of belonging to the school and care for the community.


SACSS believes in in the potential of all our girls. We empower our girls to believe in their abilities to grow and achieve. Specifically, through our various programmes and activities, we develop leadership and collaboration skills, communication and digital literacy, critical and inventive thinking, social and emotional well-being skills, and civic and cultural literacy. At SACSS, we also teach girls to conduct themselves with integrity, to believe in one another and to exercise the values of charity, humility, forgiveness and faith.


Exploring what a girl can become is the essence of the SACSS experience. We pursue school excellence for our girls to realise their aspirations and make positive impacts in society. They graduate prepared to succeed in life and at work. Upon graduation, they become part of a powerful sisterhood of alumnae who stay connected and support one another.