School Song

The aspirations of the Canossian Sisters for girls are best captured in the school song acting as a constant reminder of the schools' educational aims. The lyrics were penned in 1967 by Sister Carmen Dengah who was both teacher & principal from 1969-1976. Mrs Christine Kanagarajah, who taught for over 40 years from 1958 to 2000, composed the music.

Verse 1

United in common endeavour
At work and play, life’s lessons we learn
Our youthful hearts are filled with ardour
For truth and wisdom we yearn


Courageously with heads held high
We march ever on through life
Schooled in your spirit canossa
For virtue, true nobility we strive
Schooled in your spirit canossa
For true virtue we strive

Verse 2

Our alma mater, our guardian, our guide
Prepare our spirits for duty’s call
Our country to serve with virtuous might
We stand for truth and for right

32 - Christine Kanagarajah