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Life Arts


LifeArts subjects include Art, Food Consumer Education (FCE) and Design & Technology (D&T). These subjects are project-based and they promote creativity and innovation in students through their products or design creation. These subjects also provide platforms for students learn and exhibit their 21st century skills and competencies such as collaboration in teams and project presentations skills. Other than cultivating an appreciation of Arts & Design, knowledge and skills in the subject areas, the LifeArt subjects also aim to promote critical-thinking skills in the students’ learning process.

Programmes Offered

Lower Sec Food & Consumer Education (FCE)

Upper Sec Food & Nutrition (F&N)

Lower & Upper Sec Design & Technology (D&T)

Lower & Upper Sec Art

Visual Arts

The SACSS Visual Arts programme aims to educate the pupils to appreciate the beauty of art in their daily lives and to communicate their ideas through the use of different art forms. The Art programme is packaged as a 3-modular curriculum where students take on different roles namely art as painter, art as designer, and art as sculptor. This involves the training of critical thinking, problem solving and information literacy skills. Students learn to analyse, synthesise and interpret information from their research and come up with solutions in different art forms to address the issue. Through the learning of art, students develop visual literacy which enables them to observe and perceive the world with increased awareness and aesthetic sensitivity.

Design & Technology (D&T)

Our D&T curriculum allows students to acquire related concept knowledge and practical skills through the use of hand tools, equipment and machines. Under the guidance and supervision of the D&T teachers and the workshop technician, students are able to realise their creative design projects. By working in groups, students are also able to develop their inter-personal and communication skills.


Food and Consumer Education (FCE ) and Food and Nutrition (F&N)

The emphasis of Food and Consumer Education is on two core areas of study: Food Studies and Consumer studies. The syllabus is designed to encourage students to be health-conscious and discerning consumers; enabling them to better manage their everyday lives for the present and future. The foundational knowledge and skills of the syllabus allows progression to the upper secondary level when the students take Food and Nutrition [Express / Normal (Academic)] or Food Studies [Normal (Technical)] as one of their elective subjects, and even to food or nutrition-related courses at the tertiary courses at the tertiary level.

Competitions & Enrichment Programmes

RGS- Natural Cook-off 2014

Calories Hunt 2014

i-Chef competition 2014

Enrichment cooking classes

Social Enterprise and Innovation Programme (SEIP) 2014

Ilight workshop in 2014

Fengshan Billboard Painting 2014

Singapore Youth Festival Art 2014

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