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Mathematics Department

The Mathematics Department recognizes the importance of building strong Mathematics foundations in our students. The focus of our curriculum is to develop the students to be active learners and adept problem-solvers in Mathematics. We aim to engage students in their learning of Mathematics and to develop positive attitudes towards learning Mathematics through:

  • Creating positive learning experiences

    The learning of Mathematics is made meaningful for the students through hands-on activities such as the use of algebraic tiles or 3-D models. Learning also takes place beyond classrooms through Mathematics Trails and outdoor lessons where students are provided with opportunities to apply what they have learnt to real –world problems.

  • Providing support for learning

    All students subscribe to an online learning platform. Through this platform, students can revise what they have learnt through readily available video lessons and practice questions. Students are also encouraged to be self-directed learners by finding out in advance about the coming topics.
    For students who have not performed up to expectation, structured remedial lessons are conducted after school. Additional support is also provided for students with hearing impairment or special learning needs.

  • Allowing students to maximise their potential

    Students are given the opportunity to take part in competitions such as the Singapore Mathematical Olympiad (Junior) and ICAS (Mathematics) by UNSW to allow them to appreciate a higher level of Mathematics. Normal (Academic) students who perform well in their Mathematics examination at the end of Secondary Two are also given the choice to take up GCE O-Level Mathematics at Secondary Three N(A). Secondary Two Express and N (A) students who show an exceptional ability in Mathematics can also offer Additional Mathematics from Secondary Three onwards.

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