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Mother Tongue


At St Anthony’s Canossian Secondary School, we aspire to develop our students into confident and effective communicators by helping them acquire proficiency in Mother Tongue Language and to cultivate an appreciation of the diverse culture & tradition of their roots.

Our Courses & Programmes:

We offer Higher Chinese, Chinese and Malay Languages for all three streams and a special programme known as the Bilingual Study Programme (BSP) to stretch students who have a flair and avid interest in the Chinese Language.

We believe in creating meaningful and authentic learning experiences for our students and offer multiple platforms and opportunities for students to apply their learning. Some of these learning platforms are:

  • Festival Celebration (Chinese New Year, Hari Raya, Mooncake Festival etc)
  • MTL Fortnight
  • Overseas Immersion Programme
  • Learning Journeys
  • Cultural Performances
  • Conversional Chinese/Malay programmes
  • MTL related competitions [Internal, inter-school, national competitions
  • Chinese Cultural Society (CCA)

Our Pedagogical Approach

Since 2012, our Chinese Department Lesson Study Team has invited teachers from other Secondary Schools to attend the final research lesson. This has become very popular and we have received excellent feedback from the participants. In this professional exchange, not only have our MTL teachers grown in their subject mastery and teaching competencies, they have also had the opportunity to learn from the best practices in other schools as well. Eventually, we hope to extend what we have learnt to help our students acquire Mother Tongue Language through more effectively and engaging lessons.

To meet our students’ varying learning needs, the MTL teachers come together periodically to design school-based curriculum learning packages that are customized for our students so that they will develop in proficiency and competency in the acquisition of their Mother Tongue Language.

Our Team

At SACSS, we have a strong team of MTL teachers who are committed and passionate. Our teachers work together in tandem and are constantly exploring ways to create an engaging curriculum in order to provide meaningful learning experience for our students. Other than attending courses and training, our teachers seek to explore and acquire a repertoire of pedagogical approaches through the department’s lesson study project.

Head of Department: Mdm. Tay Hui Cheng

Chinese Department Malay Department
Mdm. Yuan Yuan (Subject Head) Mdm. Suzana
Mrs. Chong Lay Eng Mdm. Norliza
Mdm. Xie Yan Jin Ms Nurfaeza
Mdm. Jiang Bei Ms Nurul Huda
Mr. Lin Zi Jing
Ms. Li Wei
Ms. Chow Qianwei, Shona



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