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Performing Arts


General Overview

St Anthony’s Canossian Secondary School (SACSS) has developed a well-established Performing Arts Education (PfE) Programme. Comprehensive Music and Drama lessons are infused into the Lower Secondary Curriculum. In addition, two thirds of the student population are active in Performing Arts CCAs. To develop our students holistically through the Performing Arts, the PfE Team has developed a comprehensive performing arts education programme to nurture the talents in each and every child in the school through the 5 stage learning process.

5 Stage Learning Process:

1) Exposure for all: Engaging interest through constant exposure to different performing art forms

  • Performances by internal and external performing arts groups
  • Learning Journeys: All Lower Secondary students will watch at least 1 professionally staged performance
  • Use of multi-media, audio and visual teaching resources

2) Experience through participation: A broad-based 2-year course in Music and Drama for all Lower Secondary students. Differentiated learning experiences are catered to the learning needs of
the students. These include:

  • Performance opportunities
  • Master classes and training camps
  • Exchange programmes and collaboration opportunities with overseas performing arts groups

3) Experimentation on forms and styles: Merging Art forms with integrated project work/Information communication technology

4) Evaluation of performances and processes: Use of appropriate arts vocabulary to analyse and critique performances

5) Empowerment to achieve excellence in Performing Arts and contribute to school and community: Students are empowered to achieve excellence in PfE through differentiated programme:

  • PfE lessons at the Lower Secondary level
  • Music/Drama ‘O’ Elective Class in Upper Secondary
  • Channelling talented students to performing arts CCA groups to further hone their skills
  • Opportunities to compete at both national and international level.

The Performing Arts Curriculum: Drama and Music

The syllabus is carefully planned to provide a comprehensive Performing Arts Education for all students, allowing them to reap the benefits of an arts learning experience. In addition to cultivating an appreciation of the Arts, the curriculum is also designed to enable students to develop essential 21st Century (21CC) skills and Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Competencies. Students are assessed formatively through coursework and project work to help them chart their development and growth. Through the interactive experiential sessions, students develop a keen sense of sensitivity to the world around them, build their self-confidence, enhance their ability to express their ideas clearly through different art forms, facilitate the acquisition of effective interpersonal and intrapersonal skills, and promote independent learning, creativity and innovation. The Performing Arts are educational tools within the school’s academic curriculum to enrich students’ experience and foster unique skills and understanding that are transferable and beneficial to other areas of learning.


The Lower Secondary Music Programme

In Secondary One, students learn basic music theory and keyboard ensemble skills using a differentiated approach where students are taught based on their entry level. At Secondary Two, students learn guitar ensemble skills.


The Lower Secondary Drama Programme

In Secondary One, the primary emphasis of the programme is placed on the introduction of form and conventions, with a secondary emphasis on developing 21 CC & SEL Competencies. Through the balanced use of drama-based exercises, students are exposed to elementary aspects of dramatic styles and presentation while they learn to communicate with skill and confidence by working cooperatively and creatively in group situations. In the second year, the programme aims to build upon existing student knowledge of theatrical forms and conventions, at the same time honing their individual skills in acting, directing and devising.


 The Talent Management Programme (PfE Niche Class)

The Niche Class Programme was piloted in 2006 to manage and develop our Performing Arts talents. In Secondary One, students with Performing Arts background (top 40 according to their grades) are placed in a specialised PfE class to stretch their potential. At Secondary Two, this particular class will engage in a more rigorous Music and Drama programme to prepare students who show interest in pursuing Drama or Music at ‘O’ levels with a strong foundation in both theory and practice.


 Minimum requirements to offer O level Music Elective Programme (MEP):

Grade 4 & above for Music Theory & Practical (by the time they register for the course in Secondary Two, Term 1).


Minimum requirements to offer O level Drama Elective Programme (DEP):

B3 for English & Literature. Pass with Merit for the Drama Elective Prep Course at Sec 2. Short listed candidates will attend a selection audition/interview conducted by the school to confirm their suitability for placement in the DEP course.


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