Financial Assistance Awards

Financial Assistance Awards

In 2021, the school launched three new sources of financial assistance, generously sponsored by members of our Canossian Family – Ms Ng Wee Chew, the late Mrs Thio Ying Ying and the late Ms Grace Chew. In the form of an award, a bursary and an emergency fund, these serve to inspire and encourage our students who have continued to give their best in the different areas of their school life, in spite of the personal difficulties they face.  

Canossian Good Progress Award

The Canossian Good Progress Award aims to recognise students who have shown resilience and made good progress in their academic work, despite the challenges they face in their daily lives. It also serves as an encouragement to the recipients, to embody the school spirit of compassion and charity for others. Sponsored by Ms Ng Wee Chew, an SACSS alumnus, this award is in memory of her grandmother Mdm Quek Ai Boi. Ms Ng hopes the award will recognise students who have shown the same resilient and charitable nature demonstrated by Mdm Quek. This award is given to one student from each level of Secondary 1 to Secondary 3.  

Thio Ying Ying Bursary 

The Thio Ying Ying Bursary serves to dignify and encourage active volunteerism in students from low-income families. Through this bursary, the school hopes to instil a sense of gratitude in our students, to inspire them to be gracious and to strive for greater achievements benefiting themselves and the community. Sponsored by the family of the late Mrs Thio Ying Ying, an SACSS alumnus, this bursary also aims to nurture youth leaders who can adopt an entrepreneurial and innovation-focused approach to community issues through training and mentoring. An addition to the school’s Character Awards, it is open to students from Secondary 2 to Secondary 5.