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Motivated. Optimistic. Valued. Energised – M.O.V.E

The M.O.V.E programme was started in 2012, as a specialised programme for students in the unhealthy and very unhealthy Body Mass Index (BMI) range. The focus of the programme was to educate these students on healthy living, and it encompassed nutrition, physical activity and the cognitive aspect. Students were guided through weekly exercise programmes as well as nutrition and mental health talks. Through feedback and reviews, the programme evolved from once a week sessions during the mass PE periods in 2012 and 2013, to twice weekly morning workout sessions in 2014 and subsequently thrice weekly in 2015. With the opening of the school gym in 2013, students could also have an alternative activity in the afternoons, by spending some time exercising in the gym.

This year, a new event was also added to the programme – a 2D1N, Camp M.O.V.E. With over 50 participants divided into four groups, M.O.V.E., the camp started with a 7km trek to and round Bedok Reservoir, before they headed back to school for dinner. Along the way, students took pictures at various check points, to capture the memories of the journey they took. Night activities included a Nutrition Talk, where students were educated on healthy eating and the dangers of processed food. Students then had to plan for an Outdoor Cooking session for their lunch the next day, keeping in mind the need to choose healthier options.

The night ended with a highly competitive inter-group Captain’s Ball session, which saw many students display excellent ball handling skills and team work; skills not normally displayed when they were more self-conscious during regular PE lessons.

Day 2 began with an hour of planning for their lunch, before the teachers headed out to buy the fresh ingredients. Right after the planning, students were then introduced to 2 hours of highly charged physical activities, in the form of I-Bounding and Zumba. I-Bounding, required students to workout on a mini trampoline, where they had to constantly bounce on the trampoline while doing various exercises. Zumba on the other hand, was another form of Aerobics, with a dance twist to it. At the end of the 2 hour session, students were hungry and ready to cook, and that began our Outdoor Cooking session. Aromatic smells of stir fried chicken, tomato sauce and mushroom soup filled the air, as students prepared and cooked their starters, main courses, desserts and drinks.

By the end of the session, the young chefs had churned out fruit or chicken salads, wholemeal chicken wraps, tomato-based and mushroom-based pastas, and Chrysanthemum, Lemongrass and honey lemon beverages. The camp came to a close after lunch, and based on positive feedback, we just might be looking at an even longer camp next year, with even more exhilarating activities!

Since the initiation of this programme, we have had many ‘graduates’, students who were able to successfully manage their weight and lower their BMI to a healthy range.

One of them, Ticsay Gilea Joyce Love Dorial, from 4.7, gave a sharing on her journey from Sec 1 till now. Joyce had entered the programme at 73.5kg with a BMI of 32.2, which placed her in the very unhealthy range and in the severely overweight category. She had been in such programmes since primary school and was “used to it”. Her biggest challenge was to believe in herself, and she was afraid of trying for fear of failing yet again. However, with constant motivation from her teachers and friends, as well as the information she gained on health implications and healthy living, Joyce managed to pick herself up. She kept up a healthy lifestyle by staying active almost every weekday, and controlled her diet.

Gradually and healthily she lost weight across the four years, and by 2015, Joyce is now 57.4kg, with a healthy BMI of 24.5. She also shared that apart from tangible gains she received from the programme, she also gained a little more self confidence. In her parting advice, she had this to say, “surround yourself with people that want to make you be a better person, so that you will become a more positive person and have a better outlook on how you perceive things”.


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