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Canossian Family

St Anthony’s Canossian Secondary School is not just affiliated to St Anthony’s Canossian Primary School, Canossa Convent Primary and the Canossian School.

We also have sister schools in Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia and Italy. As the school was founded by the Canossian Daughters of Charity, education is just one of the many important ministries set up by the sisters.

Today, just in Singapore alone, our school is part of a larger network of ministries, for other than schools, the sisters have also established homes such as St Joseph’s Home and the Canossian Eduplex.

Other than physical connections, at St Anthony’s Canossian Secondary School all our programmes both in the main and co-curricula are integrated and aligned closely to our mission, vision and shared values to provide a truly holistic education for all our students. The following are examples of how the school is moving towards greater curriculum integration:

Curriculum Connectivity at SACSS :

  • Music and IT
  • Music and Art
  • Music, Dance and Drama
  • Drama and Literature
  • Computer Enrichment with Problem-based learning and Project Work
  • National Education and English Language
  • Responsible Thinking Process with Community Involvement Programme
  • Fusion among the 10 Performing Arts ensembles
  • Peforming Arts Co-Curricular Activities fusion of ensembles e.g.; Percussion & Angklung and Indian & Malay & Chinese dances


  • Canossian Convent, Kluang Johor Malaysia (Malay)
Hong Kong

Canossian Partners in Education

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